Committee Members

Committee members are all volunteers and work hard year round meeting  and planning  to make the year’s ride a success. We go out to businesses and solicit donations and sponsorships to help fund the rides .We visit injured Officers and assist their families when possible. We have attended memorial services and tributes of Fallen Officers in the State.

This is what our passion  is all about remembering and honoring the Fallen and helping the Living….Thank you for your time, dedication and hard work .God Bless all of you…

Present committee members:

  • Jack P - Chairman
  • Vergel B – Vice Chairman
  • Patty G– Treasurer
  • Rebecca P– Secretary
  • Carol B - Photographer
  • Greg N
  • Jeff G
  • Sharon N
  • D. Henry 
  • Penny H
  • Chris M - IT/Webmaster
  • Steve T - Photographer
  • Dean O

Past committee members:


  • Maurice and Joy
  • Kerry and Rose
  • Kurt and De-de
  • A. Negron
  • JoAnn Manning
  • Y. Kimura
  • K .Swartz
  • Jay Roney
  • D. Bouta
  • R. Fowler
  • Double A
  • Mary P
  • Marc D


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